Hike the Riley Ranch Nature Preserve

Looking for a tranquil, easy hike with equal parts sunshine and shade. Let the sounds of the Deschutes River lull you along? This trail is suitable for the whole family and even stroller friendly. Just minutes outside of Bend yet feels like you’re miles and miles away from the hum of the city?

This amazing location is…. The Riley Reserve

“Located on the northwest edge of Located on the northwest edge of Bend, Riley Ranch Nature Reserve is 184 acres featuring 35 acres of canyon floor along the Deschutes River and a 30-acre band of rimrock cliffs. This mostly rugged terrain offers a near-to-home nature experience unlike others provided by Bend Park & Recreation District.

“From its unique location adjacent to the Deschutes River, Riley Ranch Nature Reserve offers dramatic views of the Cascade Mountain Range and the river canyon.

Appearing relatively untouched in some places, the land features open meadows, juniper and pine forests, unique lava flows, cliffs and the river’s rocky canyon. The park is host to many native plant species, migratory birds and wildlife.

“There are 1.57 miles of soft-surface trail above the canyon and 1.25 miles of rugged trail running on The Canyon Loop. Riley Ranch also has connectivity to Tumalo State Park.

Individuals to small groups up to 30 are welcome. Dogs and bikes are not allowed. As a nature reserve, no remote controlled devices are allowed at Riley Ranch.

Just a heads up because the “Riley Ranch is a nature reserve it is managed differently than other Bend parks. With direction from the park’s Citizens Advisory Committee and the District’s board, drones, bikes and dogs, even on-leash dogs, are not permitted.”

The Riley Reserve

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